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Chapel Hill Transit Park and Ride Fees:

Town of Chapel Hill offers commuters options for parking in four lots and taking public transit.

  • Daily Rate: $2 (meter or Parkmobile)
  • Monthly Permit Rate: $21
  • Annual Permit Rate: $250

Please click here to purchase your permit. Detailed instructions are available here.

It will take about 5-7 business days for your permit to come in the mail. During this time a receipt will NOT be accepted as a permit substitute. Please display a valid permit to avoid being ticketed.

CHT Park and Ride Permits are valid at:

Eubanks Road 8801 On Eubanks Rd, 1/2 mile west of MLK Jr Blvd NS Route, CRX (GoTriangle)
Jones Ferry 8802 Just south of Old Fayetteville Rd and Jones Ferry Rd CM Route, CW Route, JFX Route
Carrboro Plaza 8803 Behind Carrboro Plaza at Hwy 54 and W Main St CPX Route, CW Route
Southern Village 8804 Just off 15-501 South NS Route, V Route

UNC Employees and Students:

UNC park and ride permits will be honored in Town lots. For parking options at UNC P&R lots please contact the Commuter Alternatives Program Office at 919-962-3951.

CAP membership and a UNC Park and Ride permit are required for the lots listed in the table below. For more information, please visit UNC Transportation & Parking website.

Friday Center Located off Friday Center Dr and NC 54 FCX Route, HU Route, S Route, V Route
MLK Jr Blvd 725 MLK Jr. Blvd G Route, NS Route, T Route
NC-54 East Located off Friday Center Dr and NC 54 HU Route, S Route
Chatham County Off 15-501 near Old Lystra CCX Route
Hedrick Building Located off Friday Center Dr and NC 54 HU Route

GoTriangle Commuters:

GoTriangle provides free parking permits for customers of the CRX route parking at Eubanks who have a valid GoPass through Raleigh employer or university, a valid 31-day Pass or a $25 Stored Value Card.To apply, click here.

Phone Numbers

CHT Customer Service 919-969-4900
Park and Ride Meters 919-968-2804
Parkmobile 877-727-5457


How long will it take to receive my permit in the mail?

It takes about 5-10 business days.

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Do I need a permit to use the $2 daily parking option?

No, just pay for your space number at the pay station. You don’t need to display a receipt.

  • To pay with coins: Enter your space number and add coins (total $2)
  • To pay with credit/debit card: Enter your space number, press OK, and swipe your card.
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What do I do if the pay station is not working?

Please call 919-968-2804 to report the issue. Leave a voicemail with parking lot, space number and vehicle information.

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How do monthly permits work?

Monthly permit are activated by scratching off MONTH, DATE, and YEAR of the parking period. Once cell in each category (day, month, year) should be scratched off. Failure to properly activate your permit may result in parking tickets. Do not activate other permits prior to using them. Example: If you scratch off August 15, 2015, your monthly permit is valid until September 14, 2015. On September 15, 2015, activate your new monthly permit.

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How do annual permits work?

Annual permits are validated with an expiration date when they are mailed to the customers. The expiration date is 1 year and 1 week from the postmarked date. One additional week was added to allow time for delivery. For example, if your permit was mailed on September 1, 2015 it will be validated with an expiration date of September 7, 2016.

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How will I get my permit after I purchase it online?

Your permit will be mailed to you.

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What lots does a new fee apply to?

Eubanks, Southern Village, Jones Ferry and Carrboro Plaza.

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Will UNC Park and Ride permits be accepted at the Town Park and Ride lots?


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I'm a GoTriangle customer, do I qualify for a free permit?

GoTriangle provides free parking permits for customers of the CRX route parking at Eubanks P&R who have a valid GoPass through Raleigh employer or university, a valid 31-day Pass or a $25 Stored Value Card.To apply, click here.

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When do I need to pay or have a permit displayed?

Monday – Friday, 4:00 am – 6:00 pm

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Do I need to pay if I use the lots to go to a sporting game by taking Tar Heel Express?

Park and Ride permits will not need to be displayed during Tar Heel events.

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How do I pay for daily parking?

The daily rate is $2. Pay stations will be installed at the lots.

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Do I need a permit if I walk to a Park and Ride lot?


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Do I need a permit if I ride a bicycle to a Park and Ride lot?


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How do I appeal a parking ticket?

Please follow the procedure posted here.

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Accessible Parking
Bicycle Parking
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